Telehandler Limiting Factors

Telehandler forklifts are used widely in the construction trades. Telehandler forklifts are similar to industrial forklifts, but they have two major differences; these machines can reach out beyond their base and lift to a variety of boom angles.
The risk factors with these machines are similar to forklifts:
• Weight
• Height
• Ground conditions
• Operating radius-how far you move the load horizontally away from the machine
• Operating in out of level conditions-this should be avoided!

Let’s look at the Load Chart above for some interesting facts and remember follow the machine’s Load Chart at all times.

Maximum Lifting Height
The maximum lifting height(vertical) for this machine is 55’; the maximum load you can lift to 55’ is 5,000 pounds.

Maximum Lifting Radius
The maximum radius (forward reach horizontally) for this machine is 43’ with a maximum capacity of 3,500 pounds. As the radius increases, capacity decreases, always!

Maximum Lifting Capacity
The maximum lifting capacity is 12,000 pounds for this machine. According to this chart you can lift 12,000 pounds to a maximum height of 21’ and a maximum radius of 12’.