Fork Trucks

Fork Truck Limiting Factors:
Forklifts capacities are limited by several factors including:
• Speed
• Ground conditions/Floor loading capacity
• Weight
• Height
• Load Center
Load Center is illustrated below in the drawing. Most forklifts have a 50” fork and work off a 24” Load Center as illustrated below:

In the drawing at the top the forklift is within capacity because the Load Center is at 24”. In the lower drawing the lift is at a 30” Load Center and the forklift cannot handle the load, so it pivots at the front axle and tips forward.

As the load moves away from the forklift or crane capacity goes down. This is true of all forklifts and cranes, always.

All forklifts, cranes and telehandlers must hoist when the machine is level and the mast is plumb. Out of level conditions are very dangerous during hoisting operations. The operator must also know the floor loading capacity as well, you are limited by the load chart and site conditions always.